• Photographing/writing down the electricity meter on arrival and departure

    CEE adapter (can be borrowed at the reception), 16 Ampere, price: 0,80€/Kwh.

  • Registration documents

    filled out and returned to the reception on the day of arrival. This is also your KONUS card, with which you can use the bus and train free of charge.

  • Parking the car on your pitch

    the parking in front of the barrier is only for cars arriving after 10 p.m.

During your stay

General info

  • No mobile phone reception

    with us you can enjoy nature. We have little/no mobile phone reception on the site itself. You will only get this again in the direction of Freudenstadt. You can make phone calls via Wlan-Call. You have to set this in the settings of your mobile phone.

  • Free wifi

    Network: Camping Langenwald; Password: camping1 We try to provide you with a good internet access. However, depending on the pitch and occupancy, this is not always possible.

  • Bread roll service from 8 am in the shop

    In low season with order.

  • Drinking water

    In the washroom and at the water points

  • Departure

    Pitch until 12 o'clock, log cabin until 11 o'clock. You can pay cash, with EC card or credit card. Bring the meter readings of the electricity with you.

  • In an emergency

    There is a bell at the reception with which you can also reach us at night. You have the possibility to make phone calls with Wlan-Call. There is an emergency call box at the bus stop. Emergency call: 112

  • Langenwald Stub´n

    Warm cuisine on the campsite from 6-8 pm. Also to take away. Click here for the menu. You can find more restaurant recommendations in your guest folder

  • Night rest 22:00-8:00

    The barrier is closed during this time. You can park in front of the barrier. We ask you to be quiet from 10 p.m. onwards

  • Dogs on a leash

    Dogs may only be walked in the forest. The dog station is located at the entrance to the forest near the reception. Please do not leave dog bags in the forest

  • Sort waste

    Paper, yellow bag, residual waste. Tents, carpets, chairs, etc. are not accepted.

  • Playing football & cycling

    please not on the pitch, but at the barbecue hut, volleyball field or in the forest

  • Swimming pool open 8am-1pm and 2pm-8pm

    Please shower off before swimming. For hygiene and safety reasons, jumping, playing ball, air mattresses and toys are not allowed in the water