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In general, the regulations in the Corona Ordinance apply. We have summarised these for you below. If they differ from the Corona Regulation, please refer to the Corona Regulation.

Also check back here shortly before your arrival in case we have updated info on contact tracing or hygiene measures.

Cancellations due to Corona are free of charge until one day before arrival (this applies if you are not allowed to arrive or we are not allowed to accommodate you). Cancellations due to acceptance of the current measures are excluded from this. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

  • We may only admit you with a 2G proof. Proof requirement by QR code. Exception for business trips (3G).
  • Pre-registration (by e-mail or in short-term cases by telephone) is necessary.
  • We will record your contact details on a guest card to pass it to the Health Department in case of any Corona infection.
  • Stop at the top of the car park and walk to reception (reception has moved into the main house).
  • Keep your stay in the reception and the shop as short as possible
  • Pay attention to the signs
  • The minimum distance of 1.5 m must be maintained
  • Persons that need to be tested (see above) must present a certified test every 3 days or conduct it out under our supervision.
  • You can bring your own tests for this – no spit tests. Tests can be purchased in our shop.  
  • Masks are mandatory in enclosed areas (reception, shop, washroom (except in individual cubicles), etc.)
  • The current contact restrictions apply
  • The common room will stay closed
  • The swimming pool can be booked for 15 minutes/day (prior registration, 6 persons)
  • Visits by external guests are currently not permitted
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We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you.

Family Eiermann

  • was ist damit gemeint: alle Gemeinschaftsräume bleiben bis min. 29. Mai geschlossen (bsp. gemeinschaftlicher Sanitärbereich, Spülraum, …)
  • Spülmöglichkeiten bestehen an den Außenwaschbecken. Waschmaschinen können auf Nachfrage genutzt werden. Generell empfehlen wir eine möglichst autarke Versorgung.
  • wem keine autarke Versorgung möglich ist, kann eine unserer Familienkabienen für 15€/Nacht mieten (inkl. Dusche, WC und Waschbecken). Diese Möglichkeit besteht aktuell bis zum 29. Mai.